1st Annual Inland Empire Classic

All games are played on the San Bernardino Valley College campus.

The entrance to both fields (the stadium and SBVC Soccer Field) is at the southwest corner of the stadium, just north of Parking Lot 8.

Entrance to the tournament is free. 

Park in Lot 8 or Lot 9, no permit needed. Classes are in session so do not park in staff or medical spots or you could be ticketed.

SBVC is a smoke free campus. No pets allowed.

A small snack bar will be open each day at the stadium entrance with drinks and snacks.

Tournament t-shirts are $12 each while supplies last.


Girls Junior Varsity Schedule & Results - December 7-9, 2017 


** JUNIOR VARSITY Results Updated: 12/9/2017 @ 5:08PM **



Pool A

Grand Terrace, Jurupa Hills, Serrano

Pool B

Colton, Roosevelt, Sultana


December 7            
Field Time Home Team   Visiting Team    
Stadium 3:00PM Colton 0 (L)           vs. Serrano 6 (W)    
Soccer Field 3:00PM Roosevelt 5 (W)           vs. Sultana 0 (L)    
Stadium 4:30PM Grand Terrace 14 (W)           vs. Jurupa Hills 0 (L)    


December 8            
Field Time Home Team   Visiting Team    
Stadium 3:00PM Serrano 15 (W)            vs. Jurupa Hills 0 (L)    
Soccer Field 3:00PM Sultana 1 (W)            vs. Colton 0 (L)    
Stadium 4:30PM Roosevelt 1 (L)            vs. Grand Terrace 2 (W)    


December 9            
Field Time Home Team   Visiting Team    
Stadium 8:00AM Jurupa Hills 1 (L)            vs.  Sultana 3 (W)    
Soccer Field 9:30AM Colton 0 (L)            vs. Roosevelt 8 (W)    
Stadium  9:30AM Serrano 5 (W)            vs. Grand Terrace 0 (L)    
Stadium 12:30PM Jurupa Hills 0 (L)            vs. Colton  1 (W) 5th Place Game  
Soccer Feild 2:00PM Sultana 0 (L)            vs. Grand Terrace 2 (W) 3rd Place Game  
Stadium  2:00PM Serrano 3 (W)            vs. Roosevelt 2 (L) Championship  



Girls Varsity Schedule & Results - December 14-16, 2017 

** VARSITY Results Updated 12/16/2017 - 7:00PM 


Champions - Serrano High School

Pool A

Grand Terrace, Hillcrest, Jurupa Hills, Pomona Catholic, Roosevelt, Serrano

Pool B

Bloomington, Chaparral, Chino, Colton, Sultana


December 14            
Field Time Home Team   Visting Team    
Soccer Field 2:00PM Bloomington 0             vs.  Sultana 0    
Stadium 2:00PM Jurupa Hills 3 (W)             vs. Colton 0 (L)    
Soccer Field 3:20PM Chaparral 0 (T)             vs. Chino 0 (T)    
Stadium 3:30PM Roosevelt 1 (L)             vs. Serrano 3 (W)    
Stadium 5:00PM Jurupa Hills 5 (W)             vs. Pomona Catholic 0 (L)    
Stadium 6:30PM Grand Terrace 0 (L)             vs. Hillcrest 2 (W)    


December 15            
Field  Time  Home Team   Visiting Team     
Soccer Field 2:00PM Colton 0 (L)             vs. Chino 2 (W)    
Stadium  2:00PM  Bloomington 1 (L)             vs. Chaparral 2 (W)    
Soccer Field  3:20PM Serrano 6 (W)             vs. Jurupa Hills 2 (L)    
Stadium  3:30PM Pomona Catholic 2 (L)             vs. Hillcrest 4 (W)    
Stadium 5:00PM Colton 0 (L)             vs. Sultana 2 (W)    
Stadium  6:30PM  Roosevelt 5 (W)             vs. Grand Terrace 0 (L)    


December 16            
Field Time Home Team   Visiting Team    
Soccer Field 8:00AM Hillcrest 1 (T)        vs. Serrano 1 (T)    
Stadium  8:00AM Chino 1 (T)        vs. Bloomington 1 (T)    
Soccer Field 9:30AM Grand Terrace 4 (W)        vs. Pomona Catholic 1 (L)    
Stadium 9:30AM  Sultana 0 (L)        vs. Chaparral 1 (W)    
Stadium  11:00AM Jurupa Hills        vs. Roosevelt    
Stadium 12:30PM GRAND TERRACE 2 (W)        vs. COLTON 1 (L) 9th Place Game  
Soccer Field  1:30PM BLOOMINGTON 0 (L)        vs. JURUPA HILLS 2 (W) 7th Place Game  
Stadium  2:00PM ROOSEVELT (W)        vs. SULTANA  (L) 5th Place Game  
Soccer Field  2:45PM  CHINO 1 (T)        vs. HILLCREST 1 (T) 3rd Place Game  
Stadium  3:30PM SERRANO 2 (W)        vs. CHAPARRAL 0 (L) Championship  


Varsity Results - FINAL

Champions Serrano          
2nd Place Chaparral          
3rd Place Chino          
4th Place Hillcrest          
5th Place Roosevelt          
6th Place Sultana           
7th Place Jurupa Hills          
8th Place Bloomington          
9th Place Grand Terrace          
10th Place Colton